the brand

eunoia naturals is an aromatherapy collection that originated from a small farmhouse in northern Michigan, a few aromatherapists began experimenting with essential oils and herbs in pursuit of creating the perfect blend of energies. Over two decades, they were able to compile a selection of the finest essential oils from around the globe.

Upon studying their techniques and developing our own, eunoia naturals was born into a brand that promotes wellness.All products are completely free of all harmful toxins! No alcohol, no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no synthetic chemical preservatives. We do not test on animals and are non-GMO.

All natural is our motto. . . Happiness, health and wellness is our passion!

the creator

Stacie Teneyck is the founder and creator of eunoia naturals. She has spent most of her career as a professional event planner, working long and undesirable hours. A stressful lifestyle and career in combination with struggling with insomnia for several years, she knew something needed to change. Stacie was inspired to create a natural alternative to the sleep medicine she was using and eventually came up with the first product all natural,   product RELAX a lavender and Chamomile essential oil blend. 

Now, three years later, she has grown this passion of aromatherapy and created a product line that offers various benefits and scents. Stacie hopes to continue her research and product development to continuously introduce products that promote wellness and natural alternatives.


eunoia naturals, LLC

Scottsdale, Arizona