About the product

  • RELAX + ELEVATE AROMATHERAPY- 100% PURE Therapeutic essential oil aromatherapy mist set. Great natural gift to show your loved ones you care about their well being!
  • LAVENDER + CHAMOMILE CALMING MIST-Difficult unwinding after a long day??? Do you have over active mind and/or racing thoughts? Calm the busy mind and rest the body with this beautiful handcrafted lavender essential oil blend. Promotes relaxation to get some sleep!!!
  • AWAKEN + UPLIFT- Eucalyptus mist with refresh your room or shower! This blend stimulates the mind and body to KICKSTART your day!
  • DO NOT BE FOOLED by other "AROMATHERAPY SPRAYS" There Should be NO CHEMICALS, FRAGRANCE in all NATURAL Aromatherapy Products
  • 100% NATURAL + HANDCRAFTED- These blends are ALL NATURAL made with pure essential oils made from the best therapeutic grade oils in the world.


RELAX- French + Bulgarian Lavender Aromatherapy Blend

  • Both of these beautiful essential oils have a wonderful calming effect
  • These oils are known to reduce anxiety and promote feeling of happiness
  • Roman Chamomile acts as a natural sedative and assists with falling asleep for a better night's rest


ELEVATE- Eucalytus essential oil

  • Stimulates, uplifts and awakens your senses
  • Turn your bathroom into your own spa like experience with this beautiful eucalyptus aroma scent
  • Both blends have been created to promote a healthier way to cope with everyday life
  • GREAT GIFT and excellent way to show your loved ones you care about his or her well being
  • Get your mini gift set and cute jute bag today
  • Handcrafted so limited supplies, order NOW

RELAX- Lavender + ELEVATE- Eucalyptus Mist- 2 Pack Mini Gift Set