About the product

  • REVIVE YOUR MIND + BODY- Beautiful citrus aroma great for a room refresher. Freshen your day!
  • ENERGY BOOSTER + UPLIFT- Mental + physical pick me UP! Known to enhances your mood. BE HAPPY!
  • REBOOT + REFRESH- Mist around your home, at work, in class and yoga!
  • CITRUS BLEND + VANILLA AROMA- Great addition to re-fresh any roon as this blend fights against bacteria.
  • ALL NATURAL AROMATHERAPY- NO FRAGRANCES, Tested pure essential oil blend made specifically for therapeutic benefits.



  • Citrus blend has refreshing properties with multi-purpose uses
  • Known to provide an energy boost
  • Promotes focus and a mental alertness
  • Helps at work and school to promote concentration
  • Assists with anxiety relief and promotes feelings of happiness
  • Known to assist with building the immune system
  • Has bacteria fighting properties, which is a great way to refresh the your home and restroom!
  • You will be hooked with this yummy smelling blend!

REVIVE- Citrus Blend + Vanilla Mist