ELEVATE- Eucalyptus + Mint Aromatherapy Mist, Uplifting Spa Scent, All Natural Eucalyptus Essential Oils


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  • ELEVATE- EUCALYPTUS MIST- Beautiful eucalyptus aroma. Freshen your day inhale in the shower, steam room, sauna, yoga practice, and around the house. Spray anywhere and everywhere for a spa like aroma!!!
  • AWAKEN AND REFRESH- Spray and inhale to stimulate your mind and body. Great for a mental and energy boost in your day!
  • PURE TESTED EUCALYPTUS OIL BLEND- Known to improve your breathing and respiratory health. Breath in the therapeutic benefits!
  • SHOWER + STEAM MIST- Run your shower, spray and fill your bathroom with the wonderful scent of eucalyptus


  • Shake and mist into the air and breath in through your nose to inhale the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils
  • Known to break up congestion and provide relief from the common cold
  • Stimulates the mind and promotes mental clarity
  • Gives the body a boost of energy
  • Mist in the air or in the shower to have a spa like eucalyptus experience.
  • Use prior to yoga practice, in the shower, bathroom, steam-room or even while at the office

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