The eunoia naturals brand and collection consists of four different essential oil aromatherapy mists. These blends all have wonderful aromas with different purposes to add to your daily routine. These mists were created so there is no mess like when using a diffuser with the advantage that you can travel with your bottle of aromatherapy. All of these products are handmade and contain 100% PURE essential oils and are derived from the region they offer the most therapeutic benefits. Most recently we are proud to announce the launch of NIGHT NIGHT Kid’s aromatherapy mist.

eunoia natural company was started after years of researching the vast majority of lavender spray products on the market were being made with diluted oils and synthetic fragrance. As with most things, it is very important to carefully read labels on products. Our intent is to share an all natural product collection to promote a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

All natural is our motto. . . happiness and wellness is our passion.

•  Made from natural ingredients  •  Fragrance oil free  •  Scented with essential oils only  •  Paraben free •  Vegan friendly  •  Never tested on animals  • Non-GMO


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